Colibrì Prestige Rooms | About us
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About us

Colibrì Prestige Rooms welcomes you with its renovated rooms with care and comfort for a unique and unforgettable experience.
In the heart of the historical center of Cagliari, this place of peace and tranquility offers its guests a real well-being.
Let yourself be pampered through the personalized services of our team that will guide you through a journey to discover this magic island.

Our guesthouse is located in the Stampace neighborhood, one of the most characteristic quarters of the city. With views on the Roman ruins of Villa di Tigellio, Colibrì Prestige Rooms will make you feel La Dolce Vita during your stay in Cagliari.

Your experience in Cagliari will be a journey through botanical gardens, museums, major shopping and dining routes, all within walking distance.

Villa di Tigellio is a complex of Roman ruins of the 1st century BC.

It is named after the Sardinian poet and musician Tigellio Ermogene (Tigellius Hermogenes) known for its wealth, but also for its extravagance.

A great lover of luxury, of the worldly life and intimate friend of the Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar.

The archaeological complex of Villa di Tigellio includes the remains of two other patrician homes and a spa complex.